Yin relates to the Moon, the lunar qualities of the feminine, cool and passive. Yin poses are done seated or reclining and are held for three to five minutes. This allows for the release of deeply-held tension in the connective tissue between the muscles and the bones.

 Yang relates to the Sun, solar qualities associated with the masculine, heat and active. Yang poses are the more traditional, active postures within a yoga session. In our practice we can integrate effort and ease (Sthira Sukham) by combining the calming effect of Yin relaxing postures with dynamic Yang inspired asana. The balance ignites the glow of our inner divinity, ananda maya kosha, known as the bliss body. It is that sensation of inner stillness and contentment we often feel at the end of a yoga session. With continued practice, month after month, year after year, the subtleties gained become more and more sustained, off the mat, into our Life.

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