TRIANGLE Pose . Utthita Trikonasana

Start in Pyramid Pose, a forward bend. Feet are wide apart. The upper body folds over the front leg with the foot extended straight. Hands frame the front foot.

To proceed into TRIANGLE Pose, open the ‘dip’ between the pointer finger and the thumb. (right hand, as shown in photo). Place the ‘dip’ directly against the right heel. Press the lower arm against the lower leg. When stable, take the left arm up to the sky and gaze upward at the hand. Steady the gaze to steady the mind and the pose. This posture opens all chakras at once. Hold and breathe. Release the left arm down. Then reverse to the other side.

Step back to Dog Pose -> Pyramid Pose/ left foot extends straight, back foot angles inward -> Triangle Posture on the left side.


PIGEON POSE variation . Eka Pada Raja Kapotanasana

This is a more complex pose, but very beautiful once it is complete. Begin in the classic position of Eka Pada Raja Kapotanasana. (Based on the photo), left leg is bent inward and the right leg is extended straight back. With a slow shift to the right in the upper body and inside the pelvis, bend the right leg and slowly pick up the raised foot with the right hand. Then bend the right elbow and place it against the foot, pushing it slightly to the right to keep the leg upright and centered. Look at the placement.

Then gaze forward. Pick up the left arm, bend it and hook the fingers of each hand behind the head. Look at the left elbow and beyond, up towards the sky.


RAISED SEATED FORWARD FOLD. Raised Pascimotanasana

Begin seated with knees pointing upward, feet down on the mat. Stay rooted through mula deep down in the earth. Take the arms to the inside of the legs and have the hands hold the outside of the feet. Tip back and split the legs wide apart in the air. Breathe and balance from the small base below. 

With an exhalation bring the legs inward, taking them upward and look up at the toes. This is like forward folding over the legs on the mat in Pascimotanasana.

WARRIOR POSE One. Virabhadrasana One

CAMEL Pose variation. Ustrasana variation

TABLE Pose variation