Today I was at Kehena Beach. While reclining on my towel I noticed the woman next to me wearing a nice bathing suit. I told her and she appreciated hearing it. After a while I went for a swim. When I came out of the ocean another woman, who was seated in the sand, spoke up and said, “you have a really nice swimsuit’. hhhmm. Maybe all coincidental, but this seemed more than just that. It was a quick version of ‘Karma’, the spiritual principle of cause and effect. The intent and actions of an individual influences the future of that individual. 

 There is also an aspect of yoga called ‘Asteya‘. It translates as non-stealing. This refers to not taking what doesn’t belong to you, not stealing from another in thought, word or action and also not withholding a compliment (giving credit/praise/appreciation where it is due). This small episode at the local beach reflected the practice of Yoga off the mat and in one’s Life.

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