What Students Say

  “What a super class! It was just what I needed!  Opened my breathing and my Heart Chakra, oxygenated my brain. ” Tao

“Thanks again Marcia for your ongoing wisdom and professional yogic excellence in our classes.  Even though I am often challenged with the asanas, I really appreciate the opportunity you provide.  It has become an important part of my week.”  Isla

 “Thank you for class today… couldn’t have come up with a sequence nearly that perfect for what I needed today!!!!”  Zina 

  “You will always hold a place in my heart as my first true yoga teacher. You are remarkable!  I still, and always will, compare my teachers to you….most don’t measure up.”  Nancy

  “You really are the best. I think of Muhammed Ali saying  that  he is the greatest, but you my dear are truly “The Greatest”!!  Your meditation practice plus  telling us exactly what to do in practice is really wonderful.  I could keep my eyes closed and focus inward the whole time. Really no one is quite like you.”   Bill

 ” You have a masterful ability to keep your students in the present, as you afford each the opportunity to practice each pose consciously and deeply to whatever depth they wish.”  

  “You and your yoga classes have been a great inspiration to me over the past 13 years and I feel your talented teaching and my yoga practice are a huge factor in helping me to grow older gracefully. Thank you so much for your dedication to becoming the wonderful teacher you are.”  Yvonne

 “Thank you for your most excellent instruction. Your devotion is an inspiration. I gain a lot from your teachings that a book can’t compare to.”   Carmen

  “You are such a blessing in my life, bringing yoga and peace to me through your teaching and kindness. Yoga has really changed my life and a huge part of that is your philosophy and teaching style. I cannot thank you enough.”  Cheryl

“Great class! Thank you for the continued efforts for the group. I’m so grateful for your dedication. I still love the pacing, the subtle encouragement, the learning and the incredible variety of your programs. Your classes are the best! Thank you, thank you!!” Pamela