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    It was 1969, the year of the Woodstock Music Festival. Swami Satchidananda opened up this historic event with a unifying OM, vocalized by thousands of participants. Although I was not there, this is the spiritual revolution era that influenced my yoga practice. I was a young 15 year old hippie and attended a kundalini yoga class in New York. The depth of relaxation experienced in savasana was the spark igniting my path. I found deep peace during a turbulent time in a teenagers life.

It's been over 40 years since I first stepped onto the yoga mat. There have been numerous luminaries and instructors along the way. Early in my search for some meaning to Life's challenges, I was introduced to Swami Satchidananda's book Integral Yoga Hatha. I still hold this old book in my library as the origin of my yoga path.

 In 1976, I attended a retreat with Amrit Desai. His teaching was based on a personal kundalini rising experience. On his mat the postures suddenly revealed them self in sequence without his direction. He had tapped into a higher source. Amrit Desai then taught an approach called Meditation in Motion, trusting the body to move in a smooth sequential order, based on divine guidance. Amrit Desai is founder of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA, named after his guru Swami Kripalu.

 It was also during this time that Ram Dass came to the University of Florida. I was an art education student there but seeking as much information as I could on the vegetarian diet and spirituality. Ram Dass had recently returned from India, from his guru Neem Karoli Baba. He shared Hindu chanting with us and the power of OM. I followed Ram Dass  on retreat and satsangs while living on the east coast.  It was my first encounter with chanting and hearing the names of the Hindu deities.

The student becomes teacher. I am now offering classes for 24 years rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga. It's a meditative asana flow focusing on the mind/body unity, breathing and the subtle anatomy.

Being a previous special events organizer, I hosted the annual Bisbee Yoga Expo in southern Arizona (2005-2010) and served as the President of the Arizona Yoga Association (2007 -2009). Now a new resident of the Big Island for two years, the Hatha Yoga classes are currently offered at Kalani Oceanside Retreat and our hOMe studio in nearby Seaview Estates. 

Blessed to be the wife of John Galleher for four decades, mother of David, Crystal and Jesse and to be 'Nani' to our sweet, smart, sparkling granddaughter Kiva. 

I love to dance, love the Hawaiian ocean and enjoy the importance of being a gardener. 

I am an artist and a pisces.

~ OM ~


Every WEEK

Integral Hatha Yoga

TUESDAYS <>  4:30 pm -5:45 pm  

hOMe Yoga Studio in Kalapana Seaview Estates

on Kamoamoa Street

Donation $8 

THURSDAYS <> 10:30 am - Noon

Kalani Oceanside Retreat 

 12-6860 Kalapana Kapoho Beach Road
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778
Big Island 

Donation $15 guests/ $10 kama'iana residents


 Marcia Galleher (mar-see-ah) E-RYT 500 is registered with Yoga Alliance, 'grandmothered' in 2006 by documenting 5,000 hours of teaching experience prior to December 31st, 2002. 

Marcia offers intuitive based teaching rooted in Hatha Yoga. After many years living and teaching in a small town in southern Arizona, she and her family moved to the Big Island in 2015. Now an instructor at Kalani, Marcia teaches Integral Hatha Yoga on the weekly schedule. She emphasizes inner awareness, the mind/body unity, breathing and the subtle anatomy in a meditative asana flow. 

YouTube YOGA for you

One Hour of Hatha Yoga with Marcia Galleher 


  "What a super class! It was just what I needed!  Opened my breathing and my Heart Chakra, oxygenated my brain. "  Tao

  " You will always hold a place in my heart as my first true yoga teacher. You are remarkable!  I still, and always will, compare my teachers to you....most don't measure up. "  Nancy

  "You really are the best. I think of Muhammed Ali saying  that  he is the greatest, but you my dear are truly "The Greatest"!!  Your meditation practice plus  telling us exactly what to do in practice is really wonderful.  I could keep my eyes closed and focus inward the whole time. Really no one is quite like you."   Bill

 " You have a masterful ability to keep your students in the present, as you afford each the opportunity to practice each pose consciously and deeply to whatever depth they wish."  

  "You and your yoga classes have been a great inspiration to me over the past 13 years and I feel your talented teaching and my yoga practice are a huge factor in helping me to grow older gracefully. Thank you so much for your dedication to becoming the wonderful teacher you are."  Yvonne

 "Thank you for your most excellent instruction. Your devotion is an inspiration. I gain a lot from your teachings that a book can't compare to."   Carmen

  "You are such a blessing in my life, bringing yoga and peace to me through your teaching and kindness. Yoga has really changed my life and a huge part of that is your philosophy and teaching style. I cannot thank you enough."  Cheryl

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Sound Healing

 New Year!

Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation 

with Singing Bowls

Saturday, January 27th

4:30 am - 5:30 pm

hOMe Studio

12-6989 Kamomoa Street in Seaview

$5 - $15 Donation

 Experience the amazing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls offered by Sound Therapist Erika Marie Rose. Tune into the primal Earth frequency and float on waves of deep relaxation, healing for body, mind and spirit.  Please bring a mat/blanket, eye mask, pillow or anything that offers comfort in laying down during the session.

ManaFest 2018

3rd Annual ManaFest 

January 26 - 28th, 2018

at Lolia Place on Red Road

 Celebrating Abundance & Creativity in an inspiring Festival which includes all people,
unified to honor the Sacred Feminine. 

MAnaFest Big Island includes all people who come together to

Honor and Celebrate the Sacred Feminine through music, educational and interactive workshops & ceremonies, movement & healing arts, Woman-made crafts and food offered by sisters of the tribe.

Partner Yoga Workshop

One Plus One Equals One

January 28th, 2018

MAngoMA studio at ManaFest

Sunday morning 9:15 am - 10:30

offered to staff and weekend campers

Offered by mother and daughter Marcia Galleher and Crystal Galleher

 Partner Yoga involves physical connection, support, conscious breathing, trust, communication and a joyful sense of play and creativity. When students practice their pose with a partner, each may find more stability, depth and accessibility together than expressing the posture alone.

Come join this fun and exploratory workshop with your partner or come by yourself to find a yoga mate there.


Chair Yoga



with Marcia Galleher

 40 minutes. $14  (click to purchase)

Gentle, invigorating movement of postures with awareness to breath and meditation. Find freedom from stress and strain. Increase flexibility, promote ease of breathing, maintain strength and stabilize an attitude of positive well being, all from practicing Yoga in a Chair!

Practice 10 minutes of Chair Yoga with me from

 this online YouTube video

Chair Yoga Pose

Forward Bend sitting in a chair!

There are many poses that can be practiced while using the support of a chair. Receive the same benefits as being on a yoga mat.

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Crystal Galleher ~ Yoga Teacher

 Crystal Faith Yoga

Meet my daughter Crystal Galleher. 

Gentle, Genuine, Heart-Centered Instructor.

Quiet & Courageous Global Adventurer.

Ecstatic Dancer.

Crystal and I offer yoga workshops/retreats together. Mother and daughter yoga!

Mobius Products & Services

Mobius Products & Services 

Marcia and John Galleher have been offering sterling silver and 14K gold Mobius jewelry to customers worldwide for over 20 years.

 It's one-sided surface flows from inner to outer and back again  expressing the continuous journey along the pathway of Life. The Mobius Strip also symbolizes the non-dualistic reality of Tibetan Buddhism, Vedanta and other eastern yogic traditions acknowledging our Unity. All is One. 

Our Etsy Store

 MagicMobius on Etsy

The Mobius Strip was originally discovered in 1858 as a mathematical shape by August Ferdinand Mobius. It is a twisted shape with one continuous surface. All our designs reveal the magic and mystery of this intriguing shape through Mobius pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. This shape has special qualities as do those who wear it.  

Makai Instruments ~ Handpan

Makai Instruments - Handpan

Meet my son David Galleher, founder of Makai Instruments, also builder and toner of this unique instrument.

 A high quality instrument made with great craftsmanship. It's ambient sound is so smooth and draws the listener into a state of soothing consciousness, perfect for yoga and meditation.


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