When I found out about Astrology there was a feeling of ‘Wow’! and ‘Finally’! Here is something that makes sense. I can find out about my personal tendencies and look into everyone else too, particularly my parents. Instead of waking up each day wondering why relationships are the way they are, here was a guide! This occult science was a gift and I was so ready to receive it. That was 1974. I’ve been attentive to the planetary alignments of tropical Astrology for over 40 years.

John and I were married based on astrology. We chose a Monday afternoon at 2 pm in November to celebrate our Life together and the marriage continues to this day.

We recorded the birth of our three children and watched them unfold. The challenges and talents are very apparent in their astrology charts.

As a Special Event Organizer for many years, I have selected the most beneficial day to create successful festivals, dances, psychic fairs, arts & crafts fairs and yoga events for the community.

 I have been fortunate to speak with other astrologers (my husband being the primary source) about the movement of planets. We know about the Moon and its 28 day cycle. The other celestial forces shift also. These planetary TRANSITS have patterns, historically into the present.  Why do we experience phases of good fortune and other times only obstacles appear to be in the way?  A look into Astrology reveals the continuous movement of energy. It directly influences our personal charts and the events worldwide.

 Do you want to find out:

    • What is going on with me?
    • When should I do it or not do it? 
    • What will be happening in my future?
    • Why did that happen, and what should I do next?

ASTROLOGY TRANSITS for the next 6 months  $68

Required for full calculation:

      • Birth Month/Date/Year
      • Birth Location
      • Birth Time

 Your transit report will include:

    • A colorful hand-drawn zodiac wheel of your Astrology chart (if you do not have one),
    • A description of the planetary transits to read and review and/or direct communication. 


Required for full calculation:

    •  Birth Month/Date/Year
    •  Birth Location
    •  Birth Time

  This is an interpretation of where the planets were when you were born. The planetary alignments of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all have a direct effect on who you are today. The lunar nodes are also significant in revealing one’s past life tendencies (South node) and the most advantageous path to pursue in this lifetime. (North node).

 Birth Chart Reading includes:

    • A colorful hand-drawn zodiac wheel of your Astrology chart (if you do not have one)
    • A description of your birth chart to read and review and/or direct communication

 All readings include what Day of the week you were born, as well as your personal (birth) and temporary (by year) Numerology.

 Please read Mayan Astrology for further information on who you are.

To our greater understanding ~