We have eyes to see what is in front of us but we can also expand our vision to include the internal atmosphere of the body. From the third eye chakra/Ajna we see the internal colors of the rainbow, imagine the movement of shifting winds/vayus and envision 72,000 energy channels/nadis circulating inside everywhere.

 Within the stillness of a yoga pose there is an opportunity to increase the scope of our knowledge, understanding, and experience. The yoga mat is symbolic of a magic carpet ride taking us to places we haven’t been before. 

 Breathing practices expand the energy body/Prana Maya Kosha outward. Standing postures take us higher off the mat, filling the space more between the head and the floor. In a complete practice of asana and pranayama with quiet meditation, we can transform stuck energy inside and move it to the outside. The path of yoga naturally expands our horizons.

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