There are a total of thirty three (33) vertebrae in the spine, also referred to as the backbone. This amazing structure holds us up. It is also capable of moving in six directions. Yoga postures are so beneficial for maintaining a healthy spine as we age. The movement supports the spine’s natural mobility and elasticity to endure all we do on the mat and off the mat. By flexing, twisting and curving the backbone in asana practice, vital energy moves upward. The masters claim when prana rises up the spine we experience the ecstatic, tranquilizing state of bliss, ananda. In our yoga practice, we naturally emphasize the mobility of the spine, free energy to flow upward and awaken the physical and spiritual benefits of health and well being!

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BREATHING happens all day long but on our yoga mat we are more aware of it. During a yoga session the breath is emphasized to

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Historically, the ancient yogis sat in Meditation first and the discovery of Asana followed. They began to imitate what they saw in their environment with

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CHANDRA is a beautiful name. In Hindu it translates as Moon. There are variations of Moon postures in our yoga practice. This evolved from the

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Have you noticed people who are naturally shiny? They radiate a certain inner glow. In Ayurveda, this is associated with the term ojas. It is

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A long time ago, before the Common Era, between 100 BCE and 500 BCE, an author named Patanjali compiled the well known yogic text called

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Every time we come onto our yoga mat, there is a reverence for this ancient path. Traditionally it has been passed down verbally from master

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