Every time we come onto our yoga mat, there is a reverence for this ancient path. Traditionally it has been passed down verbally from master to student, through one on one study. Ultimately the goal, as it was 5,000 years ago to now, is to liberate the mind and acknowledge our own divinity. 

Asana is a segment of Yoga. During the exploration of the postures, we notice some poses retract our energy inward and others enforce the energetic field of prana outward. Alternatively, there are grounding asana and those that are uplifting.

Each yoga pose has its own feeling tone. This means some postures feel quite expansive while some feel introspective. This is something to observe when we practice asana.

Being attentive to the feeling tone of the postures heightens our sensitivity and awareness. As we continue our yoga practice month after month, year after year, the subtleties become more refined. We become increasingly aware of the inner world on the mat that balances all the relationships we meet off the mat along the pathway of our Life.

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