Marcia Galleher


Historically, the ancient yogis sat in Meditation first and the discovery of Asana followed. They began to imitate what they saw in their environment with their bodies. The yogis created postures that looked like a tree (vrksasana), a cobra snake (bhujangasana), and a locust (salabhasana). They imitated structures such as a gate (parighasana), a bridge […]

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A long time ago, before the Common Era, between 100 BCE and 500 BCE, an author named Patanjali compiled the well known yogic text called the Yoga Sutras. This is known to be the philosophical teachings of yoga, composed of 195 (or 196) sutras or threads. Modern day students and teachers study the Yoga Sutras



There are a total of thirty three (33) vertebrae in the spine, also referred to as the backbone. This amazing structure holds us up. It is also capable of moving in six directions. Yoga postures are so beneficial for maintaining a healthy spine as we age. The movement supports the spine’s natural mobility and elasticity

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